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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome to Grow Love!

This site is for medical patients to find free easy solutions for medical Cannabis needs. We are for people who are sick and in need. This is not geared to recreational use because there are many, many sites for that already. Medicine is expensive and if we can grow enough for ourselves, why should we pay for it? Before there was asprin there was willow bark. Bayer patented it and now we buy asprin. Of course, the native Americans never got a cut of the action. Some things never change. While marinol has it's uses, it can't help everyone. That's why we're here. Please feel free to ask any appropriate questions regarding personal cultivation. If you are here to make money forget it. We don't wan't to flaunt what we do, just provide comfort. Attacking the government with angry rhetoric draws attention. We want to be left alone to help the truly sick and those who care for them. Welcome!


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