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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Med link overload...

medical links from

Cannabis for colitis eyed (The Ottawa Sun)

Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (1999) Institute of Medicine (IOM)

Cannabis could treat bowel disease

How Pot Kills Cancer From:

Marijuana and ADD by Kort E Patterson

Center For Research on Pain & Professor Raphael Mechoulam

Dr Tod H Mikuriya, MD

Dr Ethan Russo:


2: Chronic use Study Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics 2 (1) 2002/ PDF Format

3: Book Chapter on Cannabis in Pain Management

4: Articles on Cannabis in Headache Treatment Pain 1998 and Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics 1 (2) 2001

5: Hemp for Headache

6: Article on Cannabis in OB-GYN, Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics 2 (3-4) 2002:

7: LTE in Neurology 2003 by Russo onMultiple Sclerosis

8: LTE in Psychopharmacology 2003 by Russo/McPartland on Cannabis synergism

Cannabis Health.. The Medical Marijuana Journal

International Association for Cannabis as Medicine.

Israeli researcher develops cannabis compound with unique anti-cancer action

Derivatives of cannabis for anti-cancer treatment win

US: Cannabis may help combat cancer-causing herpes viruses.

Web: 'Cannabis' May Help Mentally Ill

Cannabis 'can ease mental illness'

Migraine sufferer finds relief from Marijuana (California)

Fibromyalgia and Medicinal Cannabis Information and Discussion

Cannabinoid Study by Dr. Robert Melamede

Cannabis combats heart attack, stroke

Cannabis ingredient could help heart patients

US Marijuana ingredient slows heart disease progression in mice.

Medical marijuana: a surprising solution to severe morning sickness..

Cannabis: A source of useful pharma compounds neglected in India

Researchers Find Clues to Marijuana Effects

Marijuana as Medicine

Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries

Marijuana Ingredient Slows Heart Disease

Current Thinking On Medicinal Marijuana? Seeing the Story from All Sides!

Study: Marijuana Slows Alzheimer's Decline

Marijuana May Block Alzheimer's

Cannabis and Depression (From: Dr Ethan Russo)

Medicinal Use of Cannabis


The Brain's Own Marijuana

Epilepsy patients are smoking pot

Cannabinoid Research Gains Interest, Respect

More Cannabis Anti-Cancer Research

Marijuana Compounds May Aid Parkinson's Disease

Marijuana-Like Compounds May Aid Array Of Debiliatiing Conditions

Cannabis extract makes brain tumors shrink

Report Supressed That Marijuana Components Can Inhibit Cancer Growth

Cancer Killer

Marijuana As Medicine

Parkinson's and ingested Cannabis

Pot Compounds Halt Spread Of Known Cancer Causing Virus, Study Says

Marijuana-Like Chemicals in the Brain Calm Neurons

Marijuana as an anti-viral drug?

Marijuana May Yield Cancer-Fighting Drugs

Medical trials of cannabis show positive results

Cannabis Truly Helps Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

Marijuana Compound Chokes Brain Tumors More evidence found for cannabinoids'

Marijuana Extract Fights Brain Cancer in Mice

Novel pharmacological target for cannabinoid-based therapies

The therapeutic potential of the cannabinoids in..

Cannabinoids and the gut

Cannabinoids as Anti-Cancer Agents

Info on Cannabinoids What all Doctors / patients need to know


Cannabinoids destroy cancer

Cancer Specialist Explains How Cannabis Keeps Steve Kubby Alive

Netherlands: Scientific Conference Hears Of Tumor Reducing

Israƫl: Researchers Find Cannabis Can Strengthen Bones

An Interview With Lester Grinspoon, M.D.

Spain: Cannabis Found to Shrink Cancerous Brain Tumours!

Brain's own cannabis compound protects against inflammation

Science: Cream with endocannabinoids effective in the treatment of pruritus due to kidney

Marijuana Derivatives May Provide MS Treatment

Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms of Chrohn's Disease

Marijuana's Active Ingredient Kills Leukemia Cells

New Study: Marijuana Users Less Depressed

Cannabis-Based Drug Relieves Arthritis Pain

Evidence reveals genuine health potential for cannabis

Cannabis high eases joint pains

Study Shows Marijuana Promotes Neuron Growth Drug could be used for depression

Cannabis and Tobacco Smoke Are Not Equally Carcinogenic

Marijuana less cancerous than tobacco

Cannabis boosts brain power in rats

Marijuana May Grow Neurons in the Brain

Marijuana may spur new brain cells

Israel: Cannabis against Cancer

US: Role of cannabinoid receptors in alcohol abuse

MJ-Derived Drug Suppresses Bladder Overactivity

Pharmacokinetics and cannabinoid action using oral cannabis extract


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