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Monday, February 19, 2007

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marijuana info for medical users with strain and grow faq inside

End of the ride at the Harborside

Ah the Harborside grow class just ended. Another fine class to keep in our memories and the biggest at Harborside to date. The place was packed and most of the people there had screen names from around the forums, you all know who you are and it was nice meeting all of you.

Harborside is operated by a couple of principles who are responsive and share the burden of helping out the sick and suffering. Being the newest club they are still considered an upstart, but unlike the dot com companies from a few years ago these guys built their compassionate dream on a very firm foundation. Instead of merely making a dispensary for medical marijuana they instead built a shrine to worship this plant we love and just visiting seems to cleanse the soul. I think they spent appropriate time determining who their staff would be too. You always see the same friendly staff each visit and you begin to feel at bit more at ease dealing with them than other clubs where you might not recognize anyone from the previous visit. We thank Harborside for the best digs grow class ever had and for all they do providing us patients with safe access and a caring staff. Harborside is like my favorite restaurant, it’s consistently good and I always come back.

How soon can I flower clones, how long should I veg before flowering?
Scrappy sets up to do a whole class on how and when to take clones. But with people entering class for the first time today there were some questions. Today we found out that the clones you buy from clubs are sexually mature. Meaning you could commence flowering at 12/12 immediately after you get them home. In order to supply yourself with medicine under state guidelines more veg time is needed and 3 or 4 weeks is probably average indoors.

What about perpetual and rolling harvests, can I provide enough medicine that way? How about sea of green? Well in Santa cruz you are allowed a 10’ by 10’ flowering canopy making the sea of green a viable alternative. Under the normal 6 plant state guideline sea of green is out. It’s that simple, you need a lot of plants for SOG. But you can veg longer and stagger harvests weeks apart, but this is problematic. It requires nutrients for the separate phases and it doesn’t allow the garden to be cleaned while down, which over time is a factor. One solution is to flower 3 while 3 veg. You’ll flower larger plants that should provide enough, but it’s still tight coping with the six plant limit. Good luck and keep trying.

How important is length of the cure? Most of what the plant delivers you put into it while it’s budding. It’s easier to manipulate live plants than dead ones, and after a proper dry and a couple weeks of sweating you have what it is. We all want our pot to magically improve and sweat out all the chemy tastes simply by placing it in jars, but this is seldom the case. If a patient needs medicine he doesn’t wait 6 weeks for it to cure. We’ll never know the shelf life of pot because we’ll never leave it on the shelf long enough to see.

Are light movers a worthy investment? Yes, because cannabis only uses 10 seconds worth of light per minute of photosynthesis. So moving the light saves energy and allows your light a wider footprint. Another worthy technique is using 2 600’s instead of a single 1000. The overlapping you create that way penetrates deeper into the flowering canopy and you’ll get better bottom branch production. So get 2 600’s on rails. I have a friend with a 400 and 600 on rails, he loves it. If they stall they can burn your crop, so maintain them diligently.

Did I ever oil my inline fan? Nope, because you never looked in the instruction that shows you where the oil goes. Find the hole and use tri flow oil with Teflon every 6 months.

Hydro or soil? Growing in soil is like driving down a curvy mountain road at the speed limit. Hydro is like driving that road at full throttle. One mistake and you could be dead in hydro. See ya at the bottom.

There were other questions and the questions where coming fast enough they were stacking up. But everyone gets answered and everyone leaves happier. And scrappy looked like a confident happy pappy today. And he’s taking it all in stride and prioritizing properly and basically setting up his life he sets up his garden. He’s going to make a good dad and he has a bottle of whiskey that was a favorite of my dad. And that’s how I feel about that.

While on hiatus scrappy well still be answering questions from home at his med class 101 command center thread on ICMAG.

And if anyone recognizes this lady, please step forward… (inside joke), pics to come..

Stay happy and keep growing


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