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Sunday, July 22, 2007


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the recap
Grow class is divine:
We had a really good class today in Oaksterdam at Rico's Diner. About 30 patients showed up and that’s a mini-movement. The shows up for grow class and say goodbye to dispensary prices movement. Dispensaries are taking a beating for our brethren in LA from the DEA. There’s not much we as patients can do, but stick together and get back to caring for one another, and make the coop types prop 215 meant to make, where patients with excess take care of patients with none. Patients forced to pay dispensary prices for any length of time cop an attitude with dispensaries over the money they are spending there. There’s only one way to break the chains and be free, and that’s by growing your own medical marijuana. After you learn to grow your own dispensaries become fun again. You can enjoy the kid in a candy shop feeling again, knowing you’re there more by choice than necessity.

Fred Gardener
That nice man in charge of O’shaughnessy’s – The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical practice dropped in. His job is to make the journal 4 times a year with clinical medical marijuana information that’s equally fit reading for patients and doctors. I think that’s the hard part and the part that shines most brightly, it’s good info for both patients and doctors. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy is the Irish born and Scottish educated doctor whose paper introduced cannabis to Western medicine in 1839. He basically studied Indian Hemp and Gunjah, as they called it back then. This is the paper Dr. Tod Mikuriya saved from oblivion, and in that same spirit the O’Shaughnessy Journal was created, to keep that paper current. When finished reading your copy drop it off at your doctors office, more doctors need to see this, and need to know how their patients feel.

This brings us to one of the major points Fred brought up. When you see a doctor that specializes in cannabis you should feel free to discuss your cannabis usage and let your doctor know how it’s working for you. Talk freely with your cannabis practitioner and you’ll find an ally in the use of cannabis for medicine. Fred writes about half the real information about cannabis and you’ll see his name on stories all over the web, and it’s always nice to hear from someone like that.

Another major point is that the recreational smokers have bred marijuana for high THC content for the last 40 years. While this is great for euphoric effect it may not make the most effective medicine. Of course, with the DEA’s stranglehold on cannabis, the USA’s research is far behind the rest of the world on this issue. He mentioned a company in the UK is starting to explore the benefits of high CBD strains for use as medical marijuana. I’ve read a bit about them about a year ago, and I want to do another story on them, they are going to be using gene manipulation instead of selective breeding on all female crops, if I remember right.

Virginia Resner
A long time activist passed away last week. A real champion to the cause for people convicted for drug crimes and issues regarding their sentencing. Her driving cause was that a small amount of crack cocaine draws a bigger mandatory sentence than a comparable weight of powder cocaine. She worked with families against mandatory minimums and then when on to work on the book Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War, for which she won awards. We plan on reviewing this book here at weedbay, it’s such an important piece. Towards the end Virginia worked with Green Aide helping Ed Rosenthal with his trials. She was a fiery passionate activist, we’ll miss her deeply.

Growing tech
I swear the topic of this grow class was how to make your moms look like the moms you get at SR-71.

file photo: AK-47 mom

Well I’m not the only student at class impressed with them. They feed on Sensi A& B from Advance Nutrients and are in Coco. They sell the moms at 3 months, and they sell well. You’re lucky to get one.

Most of the discussion was about how to trim the tops to induce side branching. Then how to trim the bottom branches so you leave productive branches that produce and get light. It takes a good vegging light to get that best plants, most of us with flouros will not get those results in veg. But we keep trying don’t we?

We also got into the attack of the borg, aka mites, and powdery mildew. Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance is a sufficant that can help with both. With mites, the infestation can quickly come to the point where you must terminate the grow and start over, You might be able to finish the run, maybe not. Before the next run you must bleach everything, with a 10% bleach solution with hot water. Quarantine all new arrivals, and don’t let pets and other growers in the area. Clean, Clean, Clean.

Mites love it hot and dry, if the relative humidity is below 35% and the temps in the 80’s or higher your garden is a mite magnet. So cooling and more humidity will help. On the other hand, powdery mildew loves it cool and moist. If your night time temps are 20 degrees cooler than your day temps, and your humidity is 50% or higher, you can get powdery mildew. If there is condensation on leaves at first light, it’s a sure sign it’s getting too moist. Sometimes running the light at night can help a lot of these issues.

A sulfur burner for powdery mildew and starting over for mites. That’s the cure.

Digging for info
Sr-71’s clone guide catalog is due out Monday. This is a welcome addition for medical growers - finally some documentation for all these damn strains. SR-71 carries 5 strains, so it’s pretty easy for them to document their stuff. I’ve noticed everyone likes to play with all these different strains but then if they don’t get good results it’s always the club’s fault. The SR has the old faithful, from breeder’s packs or SR created.
The Oaksterdam gift shop got a fresh paint job shortly before class, it looked great. and are adding a new assistant admin. The general concensus on the LA landlords faced with property seizure situation is it’s an effective DEA strategy and dispensaries are being evicted. We hope we’re safe up north with bad publicity if the DEA tries this here and patients show up in force. We forgot to talk about Hillary, the Hinchey bill and the ONDCP John Walters. We should have covered some of these isssues, our bad.

Grow class does roll on, every third Saturday of the month, 2:30-4:30pm at Rico’s Diner in Oaksterdam. Cya next month heh?


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