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Saturday, May 06, 2006

NORML confrence links

I wanted to post some links from the April 20th NORML confrence. I've been busy since then but I wanted to get them up as there are many amazing people and activities from around the country.
First of course in NORML itself.Chris Goldstein is the announcer at the NORML podcast.
Here's some of the speeches from the confrence...
Thanks also to all the hard workers at the front desk All in all this confrence was a great success.
And now the attendees...
I'll start with the Hawaiians as Hawaii is very dear to me.
On Maui, Maui County Citizens for Democracy in Action 2006 Voter Registration and Ballot Initiative Drive. They are working against corrupt local politicians who make up ridiculous rules trying to block the inevitable. As Hawaii struggles with truly hard substances like alcohol and meth (ice) it's insane to stop people from medicating whith such a helpful herb. They can be found here...

The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry with web
locations in Hawai'i and Amsterdam; and We
provide a legitimate 'religious defense to
prosecution' for any sincere spiritual enjoyer of
Cannabis in the world. Our defense is guaranteed by
the Constitutions of every State in the U..S.A., and
by the U.S. Constitution. It works miracles every single day. Mahalo and aloha!

The Hemp front was represented by Richard Davis who is one of the most ego-free, honest, self sacrificing people in the movement period. I remember driving up the freeway in San Francisco and I passed a guy who was driving along with a huge hemp stem on top of his car as well as a huge top bud in a glass jar glued to his car. Needless to say he was not afraid of speaking his mind. He can be found here...

Stay tuned for my next post...
is the link for the California NORML chapter. It has a the most complete list of medical facilities for patients including links and phone numbers as well as physicians and patient groups, marijuana law, legal referrals, legislative news, health info, Legalization vs prohibition info and an archive of past articles. The site is necessary reading for understanding the political situation in California.
Dale Geringer has do so much for the California scene. Amost singlehandedly he has carried this post for a long time. I owe him a lot. We all do here in the golden state. is the site for The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) I pause to sum up MAPS accomplishments as their website and literature contains so much. They support research and education regarding substances including medical Cannabis. I have always been impressed with the depth and rationality they approach the prohibition of different substances. Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance which promotes alternatives to the war on drugs. has a very informative map of the U.S. and each states political status for a number of substances.
originally the Media Awareness Project now named DrugSense. This website has much info and the "Drug War Clock". It's hard to describe their site because they have so much information it is amazing. They have a huge amount of legal and financial figures the war on drugs costs us all.
Finally I want to review the book, "Grow Great Marijuana" by Logan Edwards. It is a solid book with lots of full color photographs. Any beginner would need a thorough explanation like this.
Simple diagrams and photos of equiptment make this book a well thought out compilation of the easiest methods for production. The huge color photos of buds is what got me.
This website is amazing. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Gotta love these guys.


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