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Sunday, July 16, 2006

grow class update...


How was the class?

Hey it was great! I've only been to one other grow class and that one was an OCBC grow class with Jeff Jones.

This crowd was bigger and the students had questions written down, and they were good questions. So that kind of made the class, along with the good expert answers. I have my complete review over on the lead page at but I think the highlights of the class were the real world security tips for outdoor farmers and the update on new equipment available. We even got a hint at the new strains local breeders are working on, fascinating!

Mad props to Skrappy for teaching us, the Bulldog Coffee Shop for having us and the grow shop next door to the Bulldog for the props they provided.

The bottom line is if you are serious about growing enough cannabis to meet your medical needs you owe it to yourself to make the investment to attend these grow classes. The clases are free, the only investment is 2 hours of your time.


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