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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Journet for Justice update...

We are currently in the Comfort Inn in Carlin, NV. We left out of Eddie’s place late this morning.

We had a great visit there at the Lepp estate. There’s a wealth of knowledge there. The three of us spent our stay, mostly, just listening. After two days, Ken was ready to start heading east. At this rate, it shouldn’t take long to make North Carolina.

I won’t be staying there very long. I’ll be heading south to meet up with another team member to get started on our video. Beyond the testimony clips, we’re going to do all we can to convert the thirty plus video tapes into promotional cd/dvd/s and, hopefully, a documentary.

We will be cleaning up the new website and hopefully, we’ll be getting the migration to the new site done once and for all.

Plans for the next bike ride are already in the works. The planning will continue some weeks after Ken and Cindy are able to get re-acquainted.

I’m anxious to get back to recording testimonies. I can’t help but feel these interviews could be instrumental in changing the hearts of America. I will be doing everything I can to generate the funds to get me back on the road, on my own this time – much more economically. This brings me back to you. I will be coming back to California, but next time, I want to plan things out very deliberately. So, I hope we’ll be working together again.

Anyway, call any time…..




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