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Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Grow Class September 16 at the Bulldog

This was one of the sweetest grow classes yet. We got a lot of good info in this class and a cool portable rolling tray celebrating Oaksterdam’s 10th anniversary. We got a lot of publications and a demo of some new beneficial biology additives to make our grows easier and more robust. Subject covered included
Powder Mildew
Odor Control

We got these cool portable rolling trays that are cool for the patient on the go.

When your done with the gear it fold up in it’s own little pouch. Perfect for pocket or purse. So those were pretty cool. We also took a look at those new clear rolling papers and the joint we rolled looked great but we were too phased to light it. The conventional rolled joint of odyssey laid out about 5 of us and we were all toasted to the point where we just left the clear one lay there.

Plenty of cool publications were given out, the Oaksterdam News is soliciting grower photos like the ones featured in this spread.

We learned about the San Francisco Bay Area premier of ‘Waiting to Inhale” a movie about Marijuana, medicine, and the law. It’s a documentary about Robert Randell, Medical Marijuana Patient number ‘0’, the first known mmj patient. For info on the screening September 21 at the Malonga threater, 1428 Alice St, Oakland. For more info visit

Organics alive at presented a demo of their new product that contains over 30,000 diverse organisms, It increases yields and can increase root growth 387%. It sounds like good stuff and they were giving away free gallons ($29 retail value) at the grow shop next door to the bulldog.

We also got a copy of growing edge magazine It’s a good hydroponics resource, for guys like me.

The OCBC is just 2 doors down from the grow class, and although they didn’t have any freebies they did have these new glass pipes in stock. These feature 3 holes in the bowl design and are super easy to clean. $29 for the pipe and if you're quick like a rabbit you can pinch a bud from Richy’s bag of the odyssey to take home for some grow class home work later. It’s got a great clean taste and is cerebral with no ceiling. Makes you want to do stuff and I look forward to finishing off the bud I pinched.

The Crowd:
Most of the folks their exchanged our ICMAG screen names and we put faces to the online entities we’ve encountered around here. It’s a friendly core group and it’s fun to get out and meet newbies and vets alike. Even if there was no grow class these cats would be cool to kick it with. Also the 19th and Broadway Bart station is just steps away. It's a great way to get there.

Word is there will be some cool Fort Bragg snowcap clones in the works and due out in the area soon.

I took a couple puffs of the Odyssey from the picture above while I was uploading the pics and it warmed my ears and put a big grin on my mug. Keep growing and stay safe mates and see you next month.


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