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Sunday, October 15, 2006


When the public finds out about this place, it's gonna really take off!! Get there now while it's still reasonably quiet.

1. Lots of parking. Finally a club where you don't brawl with metermaids as you get your meds.
2. Metal detector. Some don't like it but this insures no bs. I like it, it's a good thing. Trust me.
3. Friendly staff. A big plus. Enough thug clubs out there, Oakland doesn't need one, thank you.
4. Huge bar.
5. HUGE selection
6. Lots of clones
7. Lots of extras. Massage Yoga etc. Alternative medications deserve alternative treatments.
8. Poltical literature. The Oaksterdam news and O'Shaunessy are both available there. There are enough apolitical clubs. It's nice to see a club that cares!
9. Lots of concentrates!
10. A web site. Enough hiding, finally another club that doesn't stick it's head in the sand!


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