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Thursday, November 02, 2006

10th anniversay of prop 215

10th Anniversary of Prop. 215
Celebration at SF Gay Community Center, Nov. 4th. 7-10 pm; more events in Sonoma Co., Santa Barbara

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of California's landmark medical marijuana initiative, Prop. 215, approved by 56% of the voters on Nov. 5th, 1996 (the same day marks the 15th anniversary of the nation's first medical marijuana initiative, San Francisco's Prop P). The past decade has seen remarkable progress in cannabis medicine both in California and worldwide. While opposition from the federal government has frustrated 215's stated goal of implementing a fully legal, "safe and affordable" distribution system, a growing network of dispensaries, clinics, and patients groups have made medical marijuana increasingly available to Californians.....
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.... After 10 years, the shockwave of Prop. 215 is still spreading. It remains to be seen how far it will go before the federal ban on medical marijuana is finally lifted. If marijuana is eventually made available in licensed pharmacies like other prescription pharmaceuticals, the dispensaries and clubs may become obsolete. On the other hand, the dispensaries may well prove to be a stepping stone to a wider regime of legal adult access.
Given its uncommon pharmaceutical safety, a strong case can be made for making marijuana available as an over-the-counter drug for all adults. This November 7th, three California cities - Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica - will be voting on initiatives like Oakland's Measure Z, aimed at eliminating penalties against adult use of cannabis. In addition, two states, Nevada and Colorado, will be voting on proposals to legalize adult marijuana use entirely. Ten years after Prop 215, a second marijuana reform shockwave may be in the making.
- Dale Gieringer, co-sponsor, Prop. 215 & Oakland Measure Z

On Saturday, November 4th, there will be a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Prop. 215 at the San Francisco Gay Community Center, 1800 Market St, from 7 pm to 10 pm, with Prop. 215 author Dennis Peron and other sponsors, including: Terence Hallinan, Dale Gieringer, and Dr. Tod Mikuriya. Free entertainment & refreshments.

November 4th also marks the Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana's 8th Annual Cannabis Harvest Dance at the Sebastopol Community Center from 7 pm to midnight. Tickets $20 at the door.
November 4th is also the date of the 8th Annual Santa Barbara Hemp Festival in Isla Vista at Anisq'oyo' Park (Embarcadero del Mar) 10 am to 5 pm.

VOTE FOR CHANGE NOVEMBER 7th - California Election Guide on Marijuana and Drug Reform issues

California NORML (415) 563-5858 //
2215-R Market St. #278, San Francisco CA 94114


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