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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Medical Cannabis bike ride.

Well some country cops are being uptight but in all that darkness there is a few shining points of light. It's nice when police choose not to be cruel. They are the true patriots which will save this country from a fascist future.

Hello everyone,

7am came real early for me this morning, but hey, I’m here. However, Ken’s coffee is just not as strong as I would make it. At least, not this morning.

It just occurred to me, some people might not realize just how helpful they could be, even on a limited income. As we pass through your area, all we need is a small bit of ground for me to pitch my tent, two parking spaces for our vehicles, a way to run an extension cord into their home so that we can have electric, and possible use of a toilet and shower.

Earlier this morning I used the phrase “locked out of the website”. Please, everyone, don’t think I was being diragatory toward anyone else on the team. “Locked out” would be the phrase I would use with any other nerd. It means, “…can’t git in ther!” J

I have uploaded the journals. There has been SO much happening over the last week or so!

We’re in the process of fine tuning the website, besides the migration thing, so please bear with us and check it out often. Kay’s making a bunch of really cool changes, so don’t wait for the next journal to check it out.

Here’s some excerpts from our journals:

Tony’s Journal

Saturday May 13, 2006

Yet again we move, not far but it is down the road to our destination. Me and Mark were pulled off the side of the road with our flashers on. He (cop) pulled up behind me, rand my plate then asked me if I needed any help. I said, “no sir. Just waiting.” He asked what for and I a had replied that I was waiting for the man in front of me to finish his work on the phone. The whole time he was talking to the radio on his shirt. He walked up to Ken’s truck where Mark was at, talked with him, ran his plate then left. Further down the road we saw a train carrying quite a few tanks. I got a few on film. Well needless to say, further down thee road, I got another cop behind me while I was pulled off to the side of the road. He asked me what I was doing, so I told him I am waiting on a bicycler to catch up with me. The he asked if I was doing some type of journey. Well to make a long story short, I gave him a LEAP badge and he was for our cause. He just could not sign the truck because the sheriff would not like it all that much. So we had got to the camp and set up we have already had three moments with a police officer and guess what happens around 11pm. I was woke up by Ken tapping on my window, telling me to wake up. When I finally did, there were 3 officers waiting there for us. Well I came at the last moment and was still half asleep but at the end, I gave the officers quit a few brochures and I gave another badge away.


Mark’s Journal

Saturday May 15 2006, Day 37

That was a rough night. Today won’t be a lot easier, at least not for Ken. 80 plus miles to Tuttle Creek State Park. Some breakfast and we were on our way.

A lot more police presence today. A county cop pulled in behind me and walked up to the window. As all the times before, he asked me if I was having trouble with a fairly congenial voice. I can’t help but wonder if he might not be as polite if I were thirty years younger. Amazing what difference it makes having gray in my hair and beard.

Tony is getting so bold. I am so proud of him. He’s been approached twice by cops today and both times he was polite but shared LEAP fliers with the officers. He is mature beyond his years.

I was thinking, if one were to ask a cop why they were hassling them for suspicion of marijuana possession, he’d most likely say that he was jus “enforcing the law. But if I recall, their oath, as well as the saying on most police cars states “to Serve & protect”. I take it that means to server and protect the American people. Enforce the law or serve and protect the people. For a dedicated policeman, which should he choose when the two conflict? After all, weren’t laws created to serve the people?
I have to tell Ken and Tony that one when I see ‘em.

15 miles out, I shot ahead to get things paid for and setup. Beautiful park. Packed out with groups celebrating graduations and Mother’s Day. Lots of campers. No problem. I like it. No more hiding back in some secluded spot. We want people to read our banners and signs. We want to talk to people. We want people to know that they don’t have to be afraid to talk about legalizing medical marijuana.
30 dollars is expensive by comparison to most of the parks we have stayed at, but it’s clean, well kept, beautiful lake, and the campsites are well kept.

Hamburgers and hotdogs a la Tony. So nice for a change of menu. Not. Oh well, it fills the belly. I just wish I could find the mustard.
I have so much writing to do. And I’m so tired. But not so tired that I didn’t want to go for a bike ride with the boys around the park. You should have seen the looks on peoples’ faces. I’m sure many of them were saying “There’s those marijuana guys.” Some suspicious looks, but many smiles and pleasant hellos.

It was around 11pm. I was dozing. I had been trying to work on my email update but just couldn’t keep my eyes open. So, I laid down and covered my legs with my sleeping bag and turned on the heater I had missed so the night before.

Then, through the mist of dream world, I heard the sound of cars, then an authoritative voice commanding someone to step out of their vehicle. That’s when I realized, police were in our camp and they were talking to Ken. I quickly (as quickly as a decrepit old hippy in a sleepy stupor can move at 11pm at nite) unzipped the door to my tent and peered out into the night at four or five silhouettes moving about our trucks.

I stepped out of my tent and immediately moved toward Ken and the police officers.
The one officer who seemed to be in charge turned out to be part of a canine unit for the local county sheriff’s department. He stated that someone had seen the signs on our vehicles and had called the park ranger, who in turn called the local sheriff’s department.

We told him that we didn’t understand why they were there. He said it was unlawful for us to be displaying our signs in a Kansas public park and that it gave them probable cause to use their dog to search our campsite and vehicles for drugs. He said it would be best if we voluntarily allowed them to search our vehicle.

When Ken told him that we did not condone any searches of our vehicles, he told us that some the officers would remain with us while one of them would go get a search warrant.
After listening to his spiel, Ken and I looked at each other and I said perhaps I should call

The attorney who had called me earlier that afternoon and get his advice on what was happening. Ken remained and proceeded to school them on why we were making the journey, his accident, and the many thousands throughout our country who depend on medical marijuana to help them with their chronic and terminal illnesses.

I returned to my tent only to be interrupted briefly by another officer asking if I had any weapons in my tent. After assuring the officer that I did not, I proceeded to call the Topeka attorney’s number. Unfortunately (I guess expectedly) I got his voicemail. When prompted for a message, I continued with a loud voice to describe what was happening, describing in as great a detail as I was able. The whole time, I had a search light shining in my eyes. After leaving my message, I called my dear friend and fellow Freedom fighters Kay Lee and Jess Williams.

I wasn’t sure what Kay would be able to do from Georgia, but I wanted a friendly voice on the other side of the line to be listening and making suggestions while I quite deliberately made everyone in our camp aware of the nature and contents of my phone call. I wanted all of the police officers to know that I questioned their behavior and that I was taking a proactive stance on the matter along with my favorite activist on the other side of the line. Unlike others in this country who are harassed daily without cause, I was not alone.

Kay asked me to ask whoever was in charge what their name was and what law enforcement agency they were with. So I laid down the phone and proceeded to walk over to the officers and began asking them if I might interrupt them for a moment. The first officer would not respond at all. He just stood there, staring at Ken and the canine officer. I then approached the deputy who was doing all the talking , interrupting his rhetoric with Ken, and asked him his name and department. After he responded I returned to my tent. I told Kay with a loud voice (I have an excuse, I’m half deaf in my right ear) how the one officer refused to talk to me and how they were milling about trying to look through our truck windows and all, then conveyed to her that the county sheriff’s department was responsible for this action.

Kay then asked me to ask the deputy for superior’s name and title. I laid down the phone, walked over to the deputy, apologized once again for the interruption, and asked him the name of his superior. He responded by giving me the name of the person who was over his department and quickly added that he would not be back in his office until Monday morning. I thanked him and returned to my tent.

I would be lying if I did not say that I was really enjoying this exchange, even though the adrenaline was flowing like a pressure hose.

Kay was having trouble hearing me, but continued to reassure me that the signs were not adequate cause for the harassment.

The canine officer then had the German Shepherd jump un on the Tailgate and sniff around, knocking a bag of sugar over and sticking his nose and feet all over our cooking utensils. I could tell the dog was getting excited as he sniffed about crumbs of food and grease splatter. Finally, the dog was directed to examine a bag of trash hanging from the side of the truck. I could see the deputy was talking to Ken and motioning toward the trash bag and Ken was answering him. I kept on narrating the action to Kay, stating with a loud voice over and over again that I didn’t understand why the police were doing what they were doing.

Kay was reassuring me on the phone, asking questions, and generally waiting out the cops’ next move while calmly recording the activity she was hearing.

Finally, the spot light went off and Ken walked over to my tent. He told me that the canine officer wanted to speak to me, so I handed my cell phone to Ken and, without missing a beat he took over what I was doing and I walked over to the officer.

Immediately the officer began telling me that it was obvious that I was speaking to my attorneys and he was sorry for waking us. He continued to apologize for disrupting our evening. He mentioned that his dog did not find anything elsewhere in the camp but did appeared to be finding something on the back of Ken’s truck. He did, however concede that it was most likely the food scraps.

While I was standing there, I noticed Tony handing out LEAP pamphlets to the officers. The park ranger who had called in the cops asked Tony if he had any more, so Tony reached in his truck and handed the ranger some more. He too, apologized for the inconvenience.

In the course of Ken and I talking to the deputy, Ken asked him if he’d like to sign our truck and he reluctantly said “Sure…” Not only did he sign it, but he put his dog’s name under his.

They never told us who made the original complaint, though we did see the patrol car pull down to a camper just across the way from us. I imagine it came as quite a disappointment to see the officers and park rangers shaking our hands, laughing and cutting up with us when all was done.


Ken’s Journal

Well, we made it into Tuttle Creek State Park outside of Manhattan,Kansas. Beautiful place!!

OK! It is 1:15 am, we have just finished with a police raid on us in the state park, Why? Someone complained about the stickers and banners that we have on our vehicles!

I was working on my journal and the truck moved side to side a little. Thought nothing of it, then I hear a tap tap on the side of my truck. I said, “Hey Tony.” But No answer. ok, so I resumed typing and I hear tap tap again, I said, “What, tony?” and I hear, “This is the park ranger will you come out of your truck?!!.” I replied, “Very funny, Tony.” And looked to see 3 officers standing there! Yee haa.

Said, “Good evening officers. Can I help you?”
They asked me to step out of my truck and talk to them. They said they had complaints about our stickers and banners. That it had raised many RED flags! That they would like to search my truck. I told them NO, I do not waive my Rights. Ranger said that he has a dog ready to search right now! I said good! I still do not waive my Rights. So he signaled to a law enforcement officer that was standing to the side, to bring his dog out The dog went around my truck 3 or 4 times, jumped up on the tail gate of my truck, and smelled and Dug through our dinner food on the cook table that slides out of the back of the truck. Smelled through our garbage bag and gets excited. Officer asks, “What do you have in the bag?” I told him it was our garbage and grease scraps from cooking. He said that his dog says there is more than that. I told him, “No Sir.” And, “…the dog is smelling our dinner scraps and dinner was good tonight.” :O) “I can empty the bag on the ground to show you if you wish!” He thought for a second and said, “No need.”
Again, and again they asked “Is there any pot you want to tell us about?!!!!”
I told him No!.
”Ok!!” He tells me, If you want to be difficult.” I said, “No sir I am not being difficult. I am exercising my Rights.”
He said that he will go get a search warrant if necessary. Told him that if he must, to go get a search warrant.

While this was going on, Mark was busy on the phone!!! And the officer and Dog were busy smelling everything around my truck. Didn’t even touch Tony’s truck, which was 10 ft from mine!...with Tony asleep in it. The officers asked for my driver’s license and walked away and talked.
After about 10 minutes, they walked back over to me.
They told me I needed to get a new sticker for my plate. I told them that my wife was mailing me a new sticker . He said ok.

Again, and again they asked, “Is there any pot you want to tell us about!!!!?”
Told them, “No Sir.”

When the tension, leveled some, they asked about the bike ride, and I laid it on them, THE TRUTH.
Showed them the stick that struck me, my surgery and my lovely skull scars; screws and plates. They didn’t know what to say. I talked about the First Amendment, and that, We the People, have the Power and Right to exercise that Constitutional RIGHT. Especially , when laws are attacking Sick and Injured people; that people must stand up and defend the sick and injured and demand a change in the laws.……….

The evening has so far ended with hand shakes!! and one of the officers ,signing the petition truck :O) and his canine partner “Dino” and an apology from them. :o0 They said that they were just doing their job. I told them that I grew up around officers and police, and that I was raised that police are to “Protect and Serve the People”, not “Protect and Serve the Law!”

May not get much sleep tonight, lets see if they come with a search warrant.

Interesting night!.


Here’s our route:

Note to all law enforcement:

If you have any question in regard to our location, at any given time, please don't hesitate to call my cell phone, 314-422-4524. If you get my voicemail, just leave a brief message and I'll get back to you at my earliest possible opportunity. Mark

From Tuttle Creek State Park, highway 13 south to highway 24 west, to highway 15, to 41 (?), to Oakhill, continuing west Lamar, then south toward Wells

Monday May 15, Day 39 - Ottawa S.F.L., near Minneapolis, Kansas (projected)

Out of park, traveling west to highway 81 north, to highway 24 west to just beyond Glen Elder

Tuesday May 16, Day 40 - Glen Elder State Park, Glen Elder, Kansas (projected)

Highway 24 to Downs, highway 24/9 to highway 9 south, to highway 24 west (just before Osborne), past the turn off to Webster, near Webster Reservoir

Wednesday May 17, Day 41 - Webster State Park, Webster, Kansas (projected)

Highway 24 west to just beyond Studley

Thursday May 18, Day 42 - Sheridan S.F.L., Studley, Kansas (projected)

Highway 24 west to Colby

Friday May 19, Day 43 - Burquin's RV Park & Old Depot Restaurant, Colby, Kansas (projected)

Highway 24 to Interstate 70/Highway 24, to Bus 24, to Goodland

Saturday May 20, Day 44 - Goodland KOA, Goodland, Kansas (projected)

Highway 24 to Interstate 70/Highway 24, across the Colorado border, to Highway 55 north at Peconic, to Highway 53, to Highway JJ

Sunday May 21, Day 45 - Bonny Lake State Park, Hale, Colorado (projected)

Highway KK north to Highway JJ, to Highway 36 west to Highway 385 south, to Highway 36 west

Monday May 22, Day 46 - Highway 36 heading toward Denver/Boulder Colorado

If any of you can meet us along the route and help us out, it would be greatly appreciated.





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