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Thursday, July 26, 2007

From Weedbay, FAUX NUTWORK.

O'Reilly & the grand FOX Nutwork tradition
O'Reilly & the grand FOX Nutwork tradition

by Kagro X

Tue Jul 24, 2007 at 06:07:51 PM PDT

FOX "News" Nutwork. Is it fair and balanced? Is it even a "news" outlet at all?
Well, what are the odds of all this happening by accident?

Republican incumbent losing to Democratic challenger? Switch the parties!

Republican pedophile gets busted? Call him a Democrat!

Republican operative gets busted? Say he didn't!

Republican Senator says your "administration" sucks eggs? Say he's a Democrat!

And that's not to mention that FOX Nutwork viewers still believe Saddam planned 9/11 and that we found the WMD in numbers far greater than the national average.
So, could it really be just dumb luck? Well, it ain't luck, that's for sure. And that leaves just plain dumb.
And of course now, JetBlue buys the nonsense that the Clown Prince of FOX "News," Bill "O'Really?" O'Reilly isn't "just following orders" in the FOX Nutwork smear game.
The real "hate site" here? FOX Nutwork. Hating facts since 1996.
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