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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dear Friends of Measure Z,

This Thursday, September 21 at 6:00 PM, the Measure Z Oversight Committee will be meeting at Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 1. It promises to be an interesting meeting where committee members will be discussing various items from the evaluation of Oakland's medical cannabis ordinance to a discussion of guidelines for enforcement of Measure Z to arrest stats.

If you'd like to address the Committee, you will have an opportunity to do so during the Public Comment portion at the beginning of the meeting. For example, if you'd like to see the establishment of "Measure Z" clubs in Oakland, you can mention that.

As usual, prior to the meeting, Richard Lee will host a social hour from 4:00-5:45 at the Bulldog Coffeeshop located at 1739 Broadway. It's walking distance to City Hall from there.

After the meeting, there will be a showing of the new, powerful film, WAITING TO INHALE, at the nearby Malonga Theater at 9:00PM, followed by a panel discussion. Here are the details:

Oakland International Film Festival -
Malonga Theater (formerly Alice Arts Center)
1428 Alice St
Oakland, CA 94612
Panel discussion with Dr. Donald Abrams (UCSF),
Jeff Jones (OCBC), patients Yvonne Westbrook
and Valeria Corral, caregiver Mike Corral
Click here for a PDF flier from the screening

Filmmakers Jed Riffe, Katherine Covell, Maureen Gosling, and Vicente Franco will be in attendance.

Hope you can join us at the meeting and the film.

Mikki Norris
Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance

Waiting to Inhale movie!!!

Thursday, September 21st at 9:00 pm 1428 alice st, Oakland.
510 845 2044

'cmon down and check it out!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

scary video

Some narcotics units are fully funded by asset forfeiture. This video helps to understand the reality of the war on drugs and how even the innocent sometimes lose their property because of asset forfeiture laws:

"War on Drugs is a BIG Federal Business" on Google Video

Monday, September 18, 2006

Breaking News, Dispensary robbed! Posed as police

Breaking News, Dispensary robbed!

Two men who possibly posed as police are still at large after a dispensary heist in Hollywood. $2k in cash and $12k in product were taken. Seven patients were also robbed.

Here is the radio news report, a exclusive
MP3: Late breaking KFI news at five

LA Police story link and Video Surveillance


Anyone with information on this robbery is asked to call Hollywood Robbery detectives at 213-972-2955. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (1-877-529-3855).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Grow class review from

Grow Class September 16 at the Bulldog

This was one of the sweetest grow classes yet. We got a lot of good info in this class and a cool portable rolling tray celebrating Oaksterdam’s 10th anniversary. We got a lot of publications and a demo of some new beneficial biology additives to make our grows easier and more robust. Subject covered included
Powder Mildew
Odor Control

We got these cool portable rolling trays that are cool for the patient on the go.

When your done with the gear it fold up in it’s own little pouch. Perfect for pocket or purse. So those were pretty cool. We also took a look at those new clear rolling papers and the joint we rolled looked great but we were too phased to light it. The conventional rolled joint of odyssey laid out about 5 of us and we were all toasted to the point where we just left the clear one lay there.

Plenty of cool publications were given out, the Oaksterdam News is soliciting grower photos like the ones featured in this spread.

We learned about the San Francisco Bay Area premier of ‘Waiting to Inhale” a movie about Marijuana, medicine, and the law. It’s a documentary about Robert Randell, Medical Marijuana Patient number ‘0’, the first known mmj patient. For info on the screening September 21 at the Malonga threater, 1428 Alice St, Oakland. For more info visit

Organics alive at presented a demo of their new product that contains over 30,000 diverse organisms, It increases yields and can increase root growth 387%. It sounds like good stuff and they were giving away free gallons ($29 retail value) at the grow shop next door to the bulldog.

We also got a copy of growing edge magazine It’s a good hydroponics resource, for guys like me.

The OCBC is just 2 doors down from the grow class, and although they didn’t have any freebies they did have these new glass pipes in stock. These feature 3 holes in the bowl design and are super easy to clean. $29 for the pipe and if you're quick like a rabbit you can pinch a bud from Richy’s bag of the odyssey to take home for some grow class home work later. It’s got a great clean taste and is cerebral with no ceiling. Makes you want to do stuff and I look forward to finishing off the bud I pinched.

The Crowd:
Most of the folks their exchanged our ICMAG screen names and we put faces to the online entities we’ve encountered around here. It’s a friendly core group and it’s fun to get out and meet newbies and vets alike. Even if there was no grow class these cats would be cool to kick it with. Also the 19th and Broadway Bart station is just steps away. It's a great way to get there.

Word is there will be some cool Fort Bragg snowcap clones in the works and due out in the area soon.

I took a couple puffs of the Odyssey from the picture above while I was uploading the pics and it warmed my ears and put a big grin on my mug. Keep growing and stay safe mates and see you next month.

Friday, September 15, 2006

San Francisco, CA September 13, 2006 -- Ed Rosenthal and Richard
Watts appeared before Judge Charles Breyer in U.S. District Court in
a status conference to determine who will represent them in their
upcoming trial for medical cannabis felonies, but perhaps the most
significant development was that a grand jury will not reconvene in
their case.

NOTE: More accurately, the grand jury cancelled a hearing that had
been scheduled for tomorrow in Oakland. They could still reconvene
to hear more evidence at a future date. It remains to be seen
whether the US Attorney decides to file a superseding indictment. If
not, Ed's trial date has been set for Oct 23rd, but this could well
be delayed by other motions. Ed and Rick are seeking to have their
cases severed - DG).
long live overgrow

Have a legal question or want to report a violation of the Compassionate Use Act? Call ASA's toll-free hotline at 1-888-929-4367

Thursday, September 14, 2006

God Bless America for once.

Denver Police Return Medical Marijuana

by Ari Armstrong, March 4, 2005

"This is the first time that drugs have been released to anyone" by the Denver Police Department, Detective Teresa Garcia said today. To comply with a court order, the department returned a bag of marijuana to Thomas Lawrence, a medical patient licensed to use the drug under Colorado law. Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2000 allowing medical use of marijuana.

Thomas Lawrence carries a bag of medical marijuana returned to him March 4 by the Denver Police Department. See additional photographs below.

Robert Corry, Lawrence's lawyer, said, "The state government has no right to take his medicine from him... The police need an education on Colorado law. There are certain people who have a right to use medical marijuana," if they get a doctor's recommendation and a state license.

Corry called the return of the medicine "a victory for the voters of the state of Colorado." Patients who legally use the drug, he said, "for too long have been living in fear." He called Lawrence's action a courageous step toward protecting the rights of those patients.

Lawrence said the police pulled him over while he was driving late on January 11, at which time they confiscated his medical marijuana. He said, "I had medicine in the car, and I told them I was a patient." He added, "I didn't have my permit on me" when he was stopped. He said the stop was based on improper sticker tags on his license plate, and no charges resulted from the stop. [Update: In a March 10 e-mail, Corry writes, "He was pulled over for having an incorrect license plate on his vehicle, but was not ticketed for that."]

On February 3, Lawrence went to the police station with a court order and asked the police to return the medicine. The police refused. According to Lawrence, staff on hand claimed the order had not been properly signed.

Today Garcia said, "I'm not too specific" about the events of February 3. She added, "It's narcotics, it's a controlled substance, so we have to take every precaution" with returning marijuana to a licensed patient.

Lawrence said of today's events, "They were really polite -- they apologized for the misunderstanding. It was simple; it was like picking up anything else... It was difficult for them to let go of, I guess."

Corry added, "We've got nothing against the police; we support them in their important work." He said the police face a "learning curve" about the relatively new Colorado law, and then "police will be able to do their job and catch the real criminals."

* * *

Ralph Shnelvar and I arrived at the police department shortly after 10:00 am. Corry showed up a little later, and then a crew from Channel 4 News, followed by Lawrence and his wife, Larisa. I met the Lawrences last year, when Corry addressed a meeting of medical marijuana patients. Several months before that, I wrote about a federal drug raid that involved the Lawrences. The Lawrences hired Corry soon after I wrote that article. Thomas reported no new news related to the raid, except that Corry is apparently still working to get the seized property returned.

By around 10:40 am the group had wandered into the lobby. After some consultation with police agents, Thomas used an internal phone in the lobby. He said, "Hi. I need to pick up some property."

Corry wanted to accompany Thomas to the evidence room, but Garcia wouldn't let him. She said, "It's a very secure area."

Corry asked, "You're not going to arrest him, are you?"

Garcia replied, "Oh, no no no no. He'll be right back."

Garcia asked the camera operator for Channel 4 to avoid taping certain officers. The operator assumed that those were undercover narcotics officers. He said, "It can be a life-and-death situation for these guys, so we respect that."

After perhaps ten minutes, Thomas walked back into the lobby carrying a plastic bag that was large for his hand. It contained marijuana and, apparently, a small glass pipe. Thomas as Larisa walked out the front door with clasped hands raised, holding the medicine.

Thomas described the return of his property as "definitely a victory for the patients, the voters, and the people of Colorado."

Larisa said, "I can't stop smiling... We're probably the most law-abiding citizens you'll ever meet."

Thomas did have a final complaint, though, given the medicine had been kept by the police for over a month. "It's a little dryer than I'd like."

See Medical Marijuana in Colorado for links to more articles about this issue.

Attorney Robert Corry examines his paperwork.

Corry's motion to have the medical marijuana returned.

The court order to have the medical marijuana returned.

Larisa Lawrence, Corry, and Thomas.

Thomas uses the internal phone. The red sign reads, "Property Release Only!"

Thomas is searched before he enters a back room to retrieve his medical marijuana.

Corry meets with Detective Teresa Garcia.

Thomas emerges with his property.

The Colorado Freedom

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am Spartacus!

Ed Rosenthal: Faces Re-Trial for Old Medical Marijuana Charges
by Ed Rosenthal (12 Sept, 2006)

Ed Rosenthal needs help - the federal government is raising a dead issue to try and jail him again.

The ganja guru himself: Ed Rosenthal
The ganja guru himself: Ed Rosenthal
The Feds are going after one of the well-respected names in Cannabis: Ed Rosenthal. In 2003, Ed was tried on several trumped up charges after legally providing starter plants to California medical marijuana dispensaries. He was found guilty, but de-felonated after the jury found out they'd been lied to by the government. Now, the feds are going to re-try him and the outcome will determine if the feds understand that medicinal marijuana progress will not be stopped, or if they will be able to continue their War of Terror on the herb.

The outcome depends on whether people like you chose to help Ed, who has helped so many growers and tokers over the years. Want to help? Read the full letter from Ed below.

Hello. My name is Ed Rosenthal and I was tried in 2003 for providing marijuana starter plants to medical marijuana distribution centers. The exact charges were manufacture, providing a place to manufacture and conspiracy. The jury found me guilty.

Within four days of the trial, eight of the jurors repudiated the verdict. After leaving the jury box they had learned the whole truth: I was appointed as a City Officer empowered to provide patients with medical marijuana. They told the media that they felt that they had been used and worse.

After considering all the facts of the case the judge sentenced me to one day in prison, time served. I appealed the convictions on three grounds: improper actions by the juror, the fact that I was a city officer should have exempted me from prosecution under federal law and that even if I was not protected I had been led to believe I was by proper authorities and thus should be free from prosecution under the rules of estoppal.

The 9th circuit reversed the conviction on the basis of improper actions by the juror and held that I could be re-tried. On August 30, the judge held a status hearing. The prosecutor told the court that he intends to retry the case and the judge ruled that according to law the trial must start by the end of October. In addition, this time I will be tried with three co-defendants. Two of those people were subpoenaed by a grand jury and have refused to testify.

This is an extremely important case for the government and for medicinal marijuana supporters. They hope that a win here against me will give them a pass to attack all providers functioning under the California Medical Laws, then they will move on to decimate progress made in other states with similar medical marijuana laws. As you probably know, the federal authorities closed all of the medical facilities in San Diego in early August 2006. Our win in this case will be a major setback for the government's efforts to contain the medical marijuana phenomenon.

However, wins are costly. The last trial, which cost over $350,000, left me in a critical, vulnerable position financially. I donÕt have the money to finance a trial for myself and my co-defendants are in worse positions than I am. I am assembling the legal team now. Each of the four defendants is interviewing attorneys and we are planning a joint legal strategy. We are recruiting prominent and qualified attorneys to work at a reduced rate. Even so, we will need funds for various court expenses as well as publicity. This is a critical moment in the fight for medicinal marijuana.

Could you help us win this battle so that we can protect medical marijuana users and dispensaries throughout California and country?

Since my finances are depleted I don't have the funds to mount the defense my co-defendants and I require. Unless we can raise money very quickly we will be left to federal public defenders.

Perhaps you or someone you know are one of the millions of people I've helped over the years. It is essential that you help support this trial. Millions of sick of people, perhaps yourself, will be affected directly by the outcome. The verdict will also set the mood for general marijuana policy in California and throughout the country. The federal government needs to understand the public will not tolerate federal interference in the state medical program.

Thank you for reading this and for your consideration.

Yours truly,

Ed Rosenthal

How to help: Donate to Green-Aid, The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense Fund, a California charitable corporation with 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status. All contributions are tax deductible.
Green Aid Ð Postal Mail Box 172, 484Lake Park Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610 Online:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Help Christiania to survive!!!!

freetown - the end of more than 30 years ???

Help Christiania to survive!!!!

Christiania's over 30-year history is a long and tangled tale of struggles, victories and defeats. Many of the people who were in on the start of the experiment are no longer with us. But the dream of a life in freedom, and the idea of a city ruled by its inhabitants, is still alive.

People from far and near are still attracted by the Freetown's magic mixture of anarchy and love.

The tale starts in 1969/70, when the fence at the corner of Prinsessegade and Refshalevej in the quarter of Copenhagen called Christianshavn is knocked down several times by a group of local people to gain access to the large, former military area within. Now, the old bridge quarter of town is going to acquire a playground for the children of the neighborhood, and a green space between apartment blocks. However, the military and municipal authorities raise the fence again and again during those years.

Over time, however, the people of Christianshavn get their playground, while hippies, squatters and others get their Freetown, when the fence is knocked down for the last time in 1971, and people begin to inhabit the former military barracks.

Christiania covers an area of more than 85 acres and houses almost one thousand inhabitants, and every year more than a million people visit the Freetown. Some of them use Christiania almost every day, while others pay a quick visit to the village located in the middle of Copenhagen.

Christiania is thus one of the greatest tourist attractions in Copenhagen, and abroad it is a well-known "brand" for the progressive and liberated Danish lifestyle. Many Danish businesses and organizations also use Christiania as a show place for their foreign friends and guests. The purpose is to show something Danish that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The legal situation right now

In spring 2002 the government (right wing supported by "Danish People Party" extreme right wing, and with them they are in majority) clamed, that if Christiania couldn't close down the hash market, they would close us.
As we considered the closing of the hash market to be police work, and that the government wanted us to commit vigilante justice, we refused.
On the other hand, we wouldn't fight the police if they tried to close it.

In spring 2003 the government claimed; "Christiania has disqualified themselves, as they wouldn't close the hash-market". Then they made an architect competition: "The future Christiania". It fell apart, as only 8 groups participated, and 5 of those used it to make statements pro Christiania , and the 3 left, had made proposals so far away from the introductory presentation it couldn't be used for anything.

In January 2004 the hash-market demolised down all the sheds, and makes the place back to 1979. In spring 2004 the police came at 5 in the morning, and who's awake at that time, and arrested 50 persons they thought were connected to the hash-market. Then the goverment started to work on a law, and in June 2004, they made Law L205. The main issue in the law is "to normalize" Christiania. Sell the property, build new houses, tare down all the "selvmade" houses, and make Christiania into a neighborhood like neighborhoods in the rest of Copenhagen.
Because what the government really don't like about Christiania is, that we have given up ownership.

To get the law through the parliament, not only with the right-wing politicians, they wrote into it, that the law had to be effected in participation with christianites (people from Christiania ). So we established, after 8 common meetings, area-meeting etc. a negotiation group of 5-8 people.
They have been negotiating with the Ministry of Finance department called "Palaces and Properties agency", in short terms called SES.
After 9 month of negotiations, SES made a report. It contained some of our claims, and a lot unacceptable things. So our two fantastic lawyers, Knud Foldschack and Lulla Forchhammer, made a short list of questions from Christiania, that we need to be answered before we can go further in the negotiations. This because of SES has written a lot, without promising anything ... do we know that from politicians?? So, we are waiting for answers this fall.

In the same time, the law L205 had put a limit to a demand, saying, "All christianites has to register their rights of property before July 1st". The Government hoped that the demand would make most christianites demand their right of their property. But how can one declare demands of a property that are collective owned?? We (Christiania) made a huge work in June, and made 99% of the christianites to register their rights in 3 offices made for the project, inside Christiania . And in the same time we registered the rights, we gave the rights to a society (just made) called "society of Christiania", and in that way we kept our collective rights. First SES claimed our way of doing it was illegal, but their own lawyers told them, there was nothing illegal on our way of doing it. SES has tried to make us register in their office, but only 2-3 did. The government had, when they wrote the law, claimed this "registration of rights", because they thought, that most of the christianites would "run and register" in the sense of greed and hunger of money, but they found themselves shooting themselves in their feet, as we not only registered but also gave our rights to a collective legal organization "The society of Christiania".
Christiania has since

1993 been having annual agreements, based on the law from 1989 about Christiania , with the government, but in January 2005 SES dismissed any further agreement. By that, they claimed to have cancelled all our collective rights, and now we "took it back".

So, right now, the situation is:
By January 2006 we don't have any agreements with the government.

If SES doesn’t answer our question, there will be no further negotiations.

And then we don't know.

If the government put "the soft glove on", some sort of negotiation will be possible.

If the government put "the hard glove on", and press through, with police enforcements, military ... what do we know, we fear it can blow up in incalculable situation.

We hope to be able to make them consider just once more. If the law is forced through, there will be no more Christiania.
They might call the area Christiania, but the culture of Christiania can't survive under their hat!!

After January 2006

After January 2006 we don’t know what will happen …

You can find a lot more information about Christiania here:

Christiania's homepage:

Christiania's online guide, with history, selfgovernment explanation etc:

You can sign our petition here:

A group of people from Copenhagen supporting Christiania.

They write on their homepage:
The citizens of the Free City (another name of Christiania) have proposed to set up a Christiania Fund that would involve the transfer of ownership rights to Christiania by title deed, thereby formalizing its existing status. The Fund would enable Christiania to continue to manage its assets collectively in constructive dialogue with public authorities. The key principles of Christiania could be preserved: there would be no land or property speculation, social considerations could be safeguarded and it could continue to develop in alternative ways than the surrounding luxury and upscale building projects with largely absentee owners. Christiania wants to open up for new initiatives that would include wider population segments, but these should not be imposed through narrow private property and profit motives.

You can find them here:

please sign..

The Prime Minister's Office
Prins Jørgens Gård 11
1218 Copenhagen K

Dear Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen,

I firmly object to your plans to dismantle the unique
Freetown of Christiania and I hereby oppose the
parliamentary bill L205 that aims to end the
self-governing principles of Christiania.

Monday, September 11, 2006

This is pretty funny...

TH Seeds Video: The Leaf Blower
From the Cannabis cup in 2005 .....
TH Seeds got the audience stoned with a mega vapouriizer attached to a leaf blower.
Its a 15 minute long video.