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Friday, July 27, 2007

More from S.F. Rally

SF Rally to Protect Patient Rights Against the DEA

Rallies were planned today at federal court houses around the state to protest the DEA raids on LA Patient Collectives

I got to the San Francisco protest just a little late. There were about 15 people already holding signs and the normal milling around. I was a little disappointed from the turn out that at it's peak drew 25 to 30 protesters. But we did get people off the couch and we got some support from people walking and driving by. We didn't get the 2 million protesters I was hoping for, nor the 200 I thought we'd get in SF. But we got some.

We were getting a lot of people honking at us as they drove by. One fellow in a delivery truck that circled the block a couple times said he just got his rec, when he was at the light with his window down. SF police dropped by and admitted they were short handed and inquired how many people were going to show. Without the show of force we were hoping for he happily went on his way.

At least 3 of us were there from the grow class so that's a decent showing for short notice. Alex Franco from the ASA organized the protesters and marched us around a bit. Thanks to her for being the guiding voice and providing extra signs. This is her little group across the way on the other corner.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and to surfer Steve for the donuts. We got some honkers from every group of cars that went by so we do get the word out this way. Speaking of getting the word out, we have to do better people. A pal that runs an LA dispensary said from the 60 patients he verbally questioned yesterday NONE knew of the raids Wednesday or the protest rallies scheduled for today. I don't care if you send your friends to,, or start getting more active and the bad publicity we create for the DEA will slowly start making a difference.


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