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Friday, May 26, 2006

Latest on the bike journey...

Greetings to all our many friends throughout this country and abroad who have been following along electronically in our journey across this fine nation.

I’m writing to you today from a KOA Campground in Limon, Colorado. This will be our second night here and a much needed day of rest. Two of our crew did not get in from the airport until 4:30am this morning. Tony had driven Suzanna to the airport and retrieved Hugh, fresh in from North Carolina. Suzanna will be returning to us in a week or so from a trip to the Netherlands.

We have met so many fine people along our journey; so many, as it was last night and this morning here in Limon, Colorado, who have been so attentive, asking questions, and expressing their desire for a natural substitute for the often debilitating and sometimes lethal drugs; drugs that are provided “legally” by our nation’s pharmaceutical companies, and endorsed by our federal government. Americans are waking up and realizing that the truth is out there. We’re bringing it to them.

It is your emails, phone calls, and visits that inspire us to continue. Thank you for your generosity and kind words. The “powers that be” have let us know in no uncertain terms that they do not want us doing this. Though it pains me to cause them discomfort (not!), we ARE continuing on. We are called to this purpose, and by God, we WILL see it to its favorable end. Enough concessions, enough empty promises – we need change, and we need it now.

I just concluded a very interesting video interview with a retired anesthesiologist. People….there are physicians out there who actually believe in the oath they took when they entered the field of medicine. They understand the benefits of cannabis and how their work could be far more effective if they could prescribe it legally.

As our journey continues, I expect to record literally thousands of such interviews. Please get the word out to any and all medical marijuana patients that we’re coming. We need their testimonies. We need people from every walk of life, every social status, every health condition that benefits from the medical use of cannabis. We need doctors, lawyers, police officers, etc. to join the Journey for Justice freedom fighters in this cause; to step forward and be heard for the sake of themselves and those without a voice. Not just the patients themselves, but also the caregivers - the family, friends, nurses, physicians and law enforcement so closely associated with this dilemma.

Please understand, I sympathize with those reluctant to step forward and be taped, especially when that video will be viewed by millions in this country and possibly the world. Perhaps they have been quietly medicating unbeknownst to their friends and co-workers, and even family. But only if we all pull together, for the sake of personal freedom, the very things this nation was built upon, only then can we hope to regain the basic rights we have been progressively denied and put an end to the persecution; put an end to prohibition.

Last night, our dear friend and co-worker in the cause, Timothy Tipton, braved the thunderstorms and the long drive to joined us at our campsite. It was really terrific for Ken and I to finally me this fine patriot. How we could change this nation, even if only with a handful of brave individuals like Tim! He’s bringing about real change, providing and organizing the tools and facilities necessary to meeting the needs of the chronically ill.

Please bear with us as we continue to augment our route. As requests come in for us to visit and assist local groups in their struggle, we are cognizant to our original purpose – that being education. If you need us, we want to do all we can to bring attention to the work you are doing locally, in your community. This is OUR work – all of us. This work affects us all, corporately, so we take seriously and wish to honor those who have blazed the trail before us. Use us.

I know it’s frustrating to see our route in a constant state of flux, but there is a method to our madness. We wish to be used by God to the best of the abilities he has bestowed in us.

Our next destination will be Franktown, Colorado. From there, we will determine which direction warrants our attention next.

I will try to upload the latest Journal entries this evening, if weather permits. Another storm is brewing. Just as it did yesterday, the wind is beginning to blow and a fierce layer of dark clouds are encircling our camp. Yesterday, it dissipated after night fall. I guess we will have to wait and see if tonight will be an encore performance.

Until our next update….

Mark and the J4J Crew


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