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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This is for Stacie.

To support the research of diseases of the pancreas and to provide information and humanitarian services to those people who are suffering from such illnesses.

TO FULFILL ITS MISSION, the NPF raises and manages a charitable foundation from which grants are made directly to researchers seeking to resolve the challenging medical problems of pancreatic diseases. A support network is being developed for individuals suffering the isolating and debilitating conditions associated with pancreatic disease.

The NPF and its founding members and volunteers are committed to maximum efficiency. The Foundation's goal is to channel 95% of all its proceeds into the direct support of research and humanitarian aid. To achieve this we rely heavily on the invaluable donations of time, energy and financial support of the many friends and interested parties who have been touched by the suffering of so many people. Research grant proposals from a wide variety of researchers are solicited. With the help of the Foundation's Grant Review Council, the NPF makes grants to those whose proposals appear most likely to lead to scientific advancements in the field of pancreatic disease.


At 11:28 PM, Blogger Nature Boy said...

Stacie is a good friend who suffers from a pancreas which no longer works. She struggles to eat and without Cannabis she wouldn't be alive today. Plain and simple. Hang in there sister.


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